2018 International Conference on Stillbirth, SIDS & Baby Survival – Straight Talk for Infant Safe Sleep

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In June 2018,  Barbara Himes, our Director of Education and Training, attended the 2018 International Conference on Stillbirth, SIDS and Baby Survival in Glasgow, Scotland, where she presented our program, Straight Talk for Infant Safe Sleep, to a gathering of health care professionals, parents and SIDS researchers from around the world.

She stressed Straight Talk’s emphasis on (1) explaining the “why” behind the American Academy of Pediatricians safe sleep recommendations; (2) helping trainers identify personal biases that may influence their education efforts; and (3) providing a framework to help parents learn and problem-solve to create a safe sleep and breastfeeding environment.

Barbara is also on the ISPID Board of Directors and a member of its Health Education Working Group, which is leading a project to review safe-sleep messages used by groups around the world and seek consensus in key themes and communications. The group’s goal is to present recommendations at the next ISDIP conference, in 2020.

This year, 531 professionals attended the conference, representing 36 countries, with 67 delegates from the U.S. Registrants included doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, health department staff, support organizations and outreach workers.

The conference included a Remembrance Ceremony at Glasgow Cathedral attended by nearly 300 people, during which Barbara was asked to represent First Candle by conducting a reading and participating in a candle lighting ceremony to honor the families across the world who were not at the event but were in everyone’s thoughts.

“The learning experience is tremendous,” she said. “To hear and share the latest study results and strategies helps us all. First Candle is an internationally known and respected organization, and a valued part of this global community.”

Thank you to those of you who helped sponsor Barb’s travel to Glasgow for this important event.  The next conference will be in Brisbane, Australia in 2020.