Our Director of Education, Barb Himes, Wins Award!


Congratulations to Barb Himes, CJ First Candle Director of Education and Training, on her Community Health Network Safety Award!

Barb and her team from Community Hospital East in Indianapolis, IN, were awarded for their “Early Initiation of Pumping at Community East Maternity”. They developed a strategy to get mothers of all breastfed babies admitted to the Special Care Nursery (SCN) pumping within an hour of birth, and expressed breastmilk available to feed baby within two hours of their delivery time.

“We know there are barriers to breastfeeding and want to make sure each new mom feels supported. We wouldn’t have been successful without the support of the entire maternity staff and the Special Care Nursery. Because of them we have sustained improvement for 5 months now!,” Barb said.

To learn more about Barb’s work, contact her at barb@cjfirstcandle.org.