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Fundraising Ideas

Many people think fund-raisers need to be large events but this isn’t the case. If you want to help support First Candle, here are a few easy-to-do fund raising ideas.

  • Spin Studio – Have a gym, fitness studio or spin class nearby? Ask them to host a Spin-a-thon with the proceeds going to First Candle. Help them to promote and let people know that for a certain dollar donation they can get healthy and spin for a good cause.
  • Bake Sale – Ask your local grocery store if you could hold a bake sale outside their store. Since our logo is a cupcake it’s a perfect way to explain to people that their donation is helping all babies reach their first birthday
  • Server’s tips – Gather a group of friends, family members, EMTs, etc. to be the servers for a certain evening at the local diner or pub. Let patrons know that the tips from that evening will be donated in your baby’s memory to First Candle.
  • Bar Crawl – If you’re in a more urban area, enlist the help of 4 bars/pubs. On a specific date, people donate $25 (or whatever seems appropriate to you based on how many bars) and they bicycle/walk to each bar and receive one free drink.   –
  • Game Night Pot Luck Party – Host a game night with everyone chipping in $25 for chips and making it a Pot Luck dinner party. Find a local merchant(s) to donate a gift certificate or prize to the winner. Some game suggestions are Bunco (for how to play click here), Left, Right, Center (instructions here), host a “quiz game” night and charge an entrance fee for attendees or Bingo where guests purchase the cards and prizes are donated by local merchants.
  • Wine Paint Party – Gather a group of friends and enlist the support of a local Wine Paint Bar (you can locate one near you at paintnite.com) Have the painting be of a cupcake or something special to you with proceeds from the evening being donated in your baby’s memory to First Candle.
  • Pancake Breakfast – Host a pancake breakfast at your church, synagogue, school or local community center. Get volunteers to donate the breakfast items and help cook.
  • Cupcake War – Cupcakes are more popular than ever and the icon for First Candle. Host a local cupcake war. Participants pay an entry fee which is the donation and enlist local chefs/bakers or town officials as the judges. The winner’s cupcake is featured in the local bakery or restaurant for a certain time period.
  • Tag Sale – Clean out your clutter while raising money!
  • Local restaurant donating % during a certain time slot
  • Car wash