First Candle to Host Memorial Event in Honor of Mother’s Day

mothers day memorial

Flower planting ceremony to take place at Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk, CT


On Saturday May 12th First Candle will hold a flower planting ceremony at Calf Pasture in Norwalk, CT to honor mothers who have lost babies due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep-related infant deaths, stillbirth and miscarriage.  First Candle is the national non-profit based in CT that strives to end SIDS and other sleep-related infant deaths, while providing bereavement support to anyone who has lost a baby to these tragedies.

Alison Jacobson, CEO of First Candle, was committed to hosting this ceremony.  “In 1997 I lost my son to SIDS.  One year I had a baby and was celebrating Mother’s Day and the next year my son was gone.  Even though I was still a mom, people were hesitant to wish me Happy Mother’s Day because they didn’t want to upset me.  Every mom, whether her child is here on earth or in heaven, should be acknowledged on Mother’s Day.”

Jacobson approached Lucia Rilling, wife of Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling, with the idea. Rilling was extremely enthusiastic and helped secure the Shea-Macgrath Memorial & Wall of Remembrance at Calf Pasture.

The staff of First Candle and volunteers will install 147 plants, which symbolizes the number of babies who will have statistically died over the Mother’s Day weekend from SIDS and other sleep-related infant deaths and stillbirth.  Every year 27,000 babies die from these causes and SIDS remains the leading cause of death for babies one month to one year of age.

The event is open to the public. Those who would like to participate in honor of a mom who has lost a child are welcome to do so.  The 147 plants have been generously donated by Lowes Home Improvement in Norwalk.

Date: Saturday May 12th

Time: 10:30 AM

Where: Sheal-Macgrath Memorial & Wall of Remembrance – 50 Calf Pasture Beach Rd. Norwalk, CT