Leaving the hospital can be difficult. You may have a sad and empty feeling leaving without your baby. Seeing the nursery again will be very hard too. Sometimes well-meaning family or friends will want to remove these items before you come home. Let them know your wishes, Many parents find it helpful to go through the baby’s things together, at a time when they feel ready. Seeing close friends and family for the first time may be hard. Seeing pregnant mothers and babies can also be painful. Your loss is so new, be patient with yourself. Know that in time the pain will lessen, but holidays and anniversaries of your baby’s birth or death can bring new waves of grief. You may experience a wide range of emotions, from shock and numbness to anger and guilt. These are all normal feelings. It is nature’s way of protecting you until your mind and body is ready to cope. Talk with family and friends. Be honest and let them know how you feel. Cry when you need to, Don’t hesitate to get professional counseling if you think it will help.