Mother’s Day Jewelry for Bereaved Moms Who Are #alwaysamom

Once again, Natalie Kroft with Keep Collective has generously teamed up with First Candle and created some very special Mother’s Day jewelry.  Various pieces are available that can be inscribed with “Always A Mom.”

“For many moms in our community whose baby has died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or other sleep-related infant death or experienced a stillbirth Mother’s Day is a very difficult time.” explains First Candle CEO Alison Jacobson, “My son was born in April of 1997 and I was so excited to celebrate my first Mother’s Day.  But unfortunately, by the next year he had died.  People were very uncomfortable and didn’t know whether to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day for fear it would upset me.  And for me, it was incredibly painful because I didn’t really feel like a mom since my baby wasn’t with me.  I want to remind every mom who has lost a baby that they are Always a Mom.”

Rose gold engravable pulley bracelet
Double leather engraved band with 3 interchangeable charms

Rose gold engravable pendant
Rose Quartz beaded engravable bracelet

Natalie Kroft, a consultant with Keep Collective, is passionate about supporting First Candle’s work in providing bereavement support to families who have experienced the ultimate loss. “I met Alison last year and got to know about the work First Candle is doing.  They have a grief line, online support groups, bereavement materials and peer support volunteers.  These services are a life-line for so many moms.  I wanted to create several pieces that symbolize the connection that will never die between a mom and her precious angel.”

From now through the end of May, Natalie is donating a percentage of all proceeds to First Candle.  She will also be creating a piece specifically for First Candle that will be available year-round. 

While these pieces are suggested, Natalie can work with you to custom-design any item.  You can visit her site here