Neonatologist John F. Ciannella joins First Candle Board of Directors

John Cianella

We are thrilled to announce that John F. Ciannella, MD has joined the First Candle Board of Directors.

Dr. Ciannella is a fellowship-trained and board-certified neonatologist who since 2008 cares for newborn infants, specifically, babies who are born premature or diagnosed with complex medical and rare conditions and those who are critically ill.

Dr. Ciannella completed his residency and fellowship training at the Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York, which is part of Northwell Health.  He joined Stamford Hospital in 2011 and is now the Associate Director of the Division of Neonatology.  He oversees the care and management of newborns and premature babies and also treats neonatal emergencies that arise either during or after birth. Dr. Ciannella is committed to excellence in patient and family-centered care and is compassionate about each patient he serves – providing comfort and support at an extremely stressful time.

As Director of the NICU Infant Clinical Evaluation (N.I.C.E.) program, Dr. Ciannella follows former NICU patients who were born at a very low birth weight (<1500g) and/or born less than 32 weeks gestation.  The N.I.C.E. program is used to assess the development of former NICU patients in order to identify delays, provide education and to ensure that all follow up instructions and testing are completed.

As associate director of neonatology, Dr. Ciannella led an initiative to include more physician assistants and neonatal nurse practitioners within the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) team. This expanded team allows newborns to receive comprehensive, coordinated care by a team of experts trained in numerous specialties.

“We’re thrilled to have Dr. Ciannella join our Board.  His experience and passion for our mission of ending sleep-related infant deaths and reducing the rate of SIDS makes him an important addition to our Board” notes Board Chair Dave Cunningham.

During his free time, Dr. Ciannella enjoys staying active through sports, exercise and outdoor activities with his family and friends.