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Kicks Count!

Kick counting is a great way for you and your partner to bond with your baby. By performing a kick count at the same time every day during your last trimester, you can also help your doctor monitor your baby’s health. Doctors recommend that parents start counting and keeping track of their baby’s kicks beginning with the 28th week of pregnancy (earlier for high-risk pregnancies.) By doing kick counting daily, you will get to know  your baby’s normal movement pattern within a week or two. By using a kick count chart, you and your doctor will be able to tell if there are any changes in your baby’s normal pattern. Studies show that a major decrease in your baby’s normal amount of movement could be a signal that there’s a problem.

Kicks Count! One-Page Flyer

Kicks Count! Brochure English 

Kicks Count! Brochure English 


  1. Download Kicks Count! Brochure (Spanish)
  2. Download Kicks Count! Chart (English)
  3. Download Kicks Count! Chart (Spanish)


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