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Program Grants FAQ

What is CJ First Candle policy on funding staff and the corresponding fringe benefits?
CJ First Candle will consider funding full-time and part-time staff positions as well as project consultants. The CJ First Candle will consider funding only mandatory fringe benefits.
What is CJ First Candle policy regarding the funding of indirect costs?
CJ First Candle will review these requests on a case-by-case basis.
Will CJ First Candle fund the purchase of T-shirts, cribs, sleep sacks and other similar items?
CJ First Candle does not fund the purchase of what it considers products, such as T-shirts, cribs, sleep sacks and other similar items. If you are unsure as to whether an item will be considered for funding, please contact the Assistant Executive Director, Programs & Grants prior to submitting your grant application.
Does CJ First Candle discuss applications before submission?
CJ First Candle will attempt to provide guidance whenever possible. However, positive discussion should not be considered an affirmative acceptance of the application.
Do any of the grant types have minimum or maximum amounts that can be requested?
The minimum/maximum amount for each type of grant will be found in the corresponding guidelines.
If my organization/program is currently a recipient of a grant from CJ First Candle, are we eligible to apply again?
CJ First Candle will allow your organization/program to apply again as long as you are abiding by the terms of the current grant. However, you may not apply for both a Program Services Grant and a Program Services Mini-Grant in the same funding cycle.
My organization/program does not have an audit and it is requested as part of the application. What should I do?
Please submit a financial statement, including a balance sheet and current cash/cash equivalents balances, for the most recently completed fiscal year.
Is a government entity, such as a state or county health department, eligible to apply for funding?
Yes, such programs are eligible to apply for funding.
Are Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) programs and Child Death Review (CDR) programs eligible to apply for funding?
FIMR and CDR programs are eligible to apply for funding. However, data collection and analysis will not be considered for funding; only community action projects will be considered.