Research shows that bed sharing (falling asleep with your baby) is not safe.

Reasons include:

  • Soft bedding, such as pillows, blankets, quilts and padded mattress tops greatly increase your baby’s risk for SIDS and suffocation. These items can also cause your baby to overheat.
  • Adults or siblings in the bed can accidentally roll too close to or onto your baby while they sleep.
  • Babies can get trapped between the mattress and the wall, headboard, footboard or other piece of furniture.
  • Your baby could fall from the bed and get hurt or fall into a pile of clothing or other  soft items on the floor and suffocate.

Bed sharing is the most unsafe if:

  • Your baby is less than 11 weeks old
  • Your baby was born too early or at a low birth weight
  • You smoked during pregnancy or if you or your partner smoke now
  • You or your partner have taken drugs, alcohol or other medications that make you sleepy