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Safer Sleep

While we dream of a world where every baby reaches their first birthday,
there will always be families who need our support.

Straight Talk on Safer Sleep

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Learn how we’re partnering with communities to educate families on safe sleep. Changed

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The death of a baby is one of the most traumatic events a family will ever experience. We are here to offer support and hope.

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What we do

Each week we do xyz and this has the impact abc

How We Help



This is where we are going to talk about our safe sleep guardian program

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This is where we are going to tell one family’s story about how we help.

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Molly Marathon

We are going to create an entire fundraising section that this box will link to.

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The latest from our blog

  • Reducing Maternal and Infant Mortality: How Medicaid Expansion Can Help

    The United States is often assumed to be one of the safest places in the world in which to give birth. But the truth is, national maternal mortality rates have been steadily climbing for decades. In fact, the prevalence of pregnancy-related maternal deaths has more......

  • Pacifiers Promote Safe Sleep

    By Jennifer Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer MAM North America, Maker of Pacifiers and Other Baby Products Pacifiers have long been used to soothe babies, and studies have shown that their use when putting a baby down to sleep can help reduce the risk of sudden......

  • Breaking Down Barriers for Moms and Babies

    By Holly Schepisi Vice President of Vice Development, Holy Name Medical Center President, Holy Name Medical Center Foundation New Jersey has long been a leader in healthcare delivery, except for maternal and infant health, particularly among African Americans. The racial disparity in maternal and infant......

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