Starting A With Us Forever Memorial

For parents, family members and friends, the death of a baby is heartbreaking. Often times parents are asked where donations can be sent. First Candle is proud of its ongoing record of keeping administrative costs below the nonprofit standard of 25%. We guarantee that more than 75% of every dollar donated will go to support our important programs and services. We also offer families the opportunity to designate their donation to a specific program or service. All memorial donations will be acknowledged. If you are an extended family member or friend, First Candle will be happy to let the parents know that you have made a memorial donation in their baby’s name. Please be sure to include the name and address to which an acknowledgment should be sent.

How To Create A Memorial Fund

  1. To create a memorial, begin by clicking “Become a fundraiser”.
  2. Click “Create New Account” and fill out the registration form and click “Submit”.
  3. Next, click “Login Link” and log in. To the left of “Social Fundraising Memorials tab” click red tab “Create Page”.
  4. Fill out the Page Content of your memorial page. You can customize the Fundraising Page Title, URL, Fundraising Goal, and add a Photo. Click SAVE.
  5. Finally, share your page with friends/family via email and social media. When you come back to administer your page, click the “Login” button and use your username/password from the registration process. That’s it!

Click here to view an example of a Memorial Fund.

We know this can be a daunting process. For assistance or complete page set up, please contact Linnea Michaels