researcherDuring the course of the past four decades, First Candle has funded cutting-edge research projects at medical institutions throughout the United States. Under the auspices of our Medical and Scientific Advisory Council, an internationally-recognized body of senior-level pediatric scientists, we continue to provide a single, focused outlet for individuals and organizations interested in supporting research to further our understanding of stillbirth, SIDS stillbirth and other causes of sudden, unexpected infant deaths (SUID). Research specific to stillbirth has been slow in coming, but we are pleased to report that, in recent years, advocacy efforts have resulted in more than $3 million of federal funding designated for stillbirth research. Clearly this is only the beginning. First Candle is committed to advocating for and soliciting much-needed funding for stillbirth research to further our understanding of the causes of stillbirth and develop preventive strategies for the future.

Study Abstracts

Thanks to our partners at Georgetown University’s National Sudden and Unexpected Infant/Child Death and Pregnancy Loss Resource Center, we are pleased to share with you some excellent resources for familiarizing yourself with the latest research. These include:

  • Topical bibliographies that provide a listing of current studies by topic
  • Journal alerts that catalog the abstracts for the latest infant death and pregnancy loss research by date

Coming soon: Topical abstract listing of recently-published research.