AAP’s Infant Safe Sleep Recommendations

What You Can Do: Recommendations for Infant Sleep Safety

In 2016 The American Academy of Pediatrics updated their Infant Safe Sleep recommendations and were developed by a task force that includes Dr. Rachel Moon. Dr. Moon is a pediatrician and SIDS researcher at the University of Virginia. She is also the Division Head of General Pediatrics and Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Her research centers on SIDS and SIDS risk factors, particularly in high risk populations, such as African-Americans and infants attending child care. Within the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), she is chair of the Task Force on SIDS and Associate Editor for the journal Pediatrics. Dr. Moon is also the editor of Sleep: What Every Parent Needs to Know.

Baby in safe sleep environment

Note: All of these recommendations, unless mentioned otherwise, are for babies up to 1 year of age. Talk with your pediatrician if you have questions about any of the recommendations listed.

What Moms Can Do: Recommendations for Prenatal & Postnatal

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