Laboratory of SIDS Research

Hannah C. Kinney, MD, Director, and Robin L. Haynes, PhD, Associate Director,

Research Registry of Robert’s Program

Director, Richard D. Goldstein, MD, Associate Director, Hannah C. Kinney, MD

Boston Children’s Hospital

Harvard Medical School

Boston, MA 02115

December 5 2016


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SIDS-Related Publications  Since 2014


Original Reports


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The Safe Passage Study: Dr. Kinney is  the Principal Investigator of the Developmental Brain and Pathology Center, and member of the Steering Committee of the PASS Network and Safe Passage Study, a NIH-funded consortium to study the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure upon morbidity and mortality of the human fetus and infant.  Dr. Haynes is the Co-Principal Investigator of the DBPC and member of the Steering Committee.


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Proceedings of Meetings


  1. Goldstein RD, Kinney HC, Willinger MW. Special Article: Sudden unexpected death in fetal life through early childhood: New opportunities (Proceedings of an NICHD Workshop). Pediatrics 2016; 137.


Chapter in Book


  1. Kinney HC, Heft MM, Goldstein RD, Haynes RL. The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  In:  Golden JA, Harding BN (eds). Pathology and Genetics: Acquired and Inherited Diseases of the Developing Nervous System. Basel: ISN Neuropathology Press. 2016, in press.


Technical and Other Scientific Interventions


  1. Edlow, BL, Folkerth RD, Kinney HC. 2016. The Harvard Ascending Arousal Network (AAN) Atlas. Neuroanatomic atlas of brainstem nuclei of the human AAN in standard MNI152 space for neuroimaging, including diffusion tractography. Available to the academic community

( to enable structural and functional connectivity analyses of the human AAN in healthy subjects and in patients with disorders of consciousness.